Why write a journal?

I have archived most of the email messages I have sent home, hopefully in a more intelligible form (not to mention, I have corrected spelling errors), and have also included photographs. Following the theft of my computer in July of 2008, I decided to put all of the journals into separate years, though I will not be able to ``unpack" the first journal because all of the files, and all of the photographs are now gone.

I have been encouraged several times to turn all of this into a book - but as yet have not had the courage to approach any publisher about publishing it.  I would have to go back and re-edit most of the material, and as it is now it is really a true reflection of my growth as a person and as a Christiian while living in Uganda.  For better or worse, this reflects who I am, where I have been and hopefully shows real growth.   

Mimi and the girls from the Congolese Choir, in 2005.